AVL Joins Charging Interface Initiative To Develop Electric Vehicle Charging Technology

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AVL has joined the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN). As part of the group the supplier will help to develop solutions for charging to improve the electric vehicle charging ‘experience’. This will include providing testing services as well as its knowledge and expertise.

Matthias Brendel, vice president of electrification at AVL, commented, “We are proud to join CharIN and contribute to the solutions of tomorrow with a very familiar group of long-term partners and customers.”

The sole purpose of CharIN is to develop and establish a combined charging system (CCS) as a worldwide standard for charging battery-powered electric vehicles. AVL will provide support with development, simulation and testing of electric powertrain systems and components.

Work will focus on the robustness, interoperability and charging efficiency of the vehicle. The end goal is to develop a comprehensive solution that integrates functions such as plug and charge into daily life.

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