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US Army wants EV’s, such as Tesla Cybertruck

The US Army could make good use of electric vehicles because of its sustainability, range, power, and protection as well. Recently General Eric Wesley, director of the US Army’s Futures and Concepts Center, discussed this change on the fleet.

The General said: “Let’s be clear. We’re behind. We’re late to meet on this thing. If you look at all of the analysis, all of the various nations that we work with, they’re all going to electric power with their automotive fleet, and right now, although we do (science and technology), and we’ve got some research and development going on, and we can build prototypes, in terms of a transition plan, we are not there.”

Wesley pointed out that electric vehicles are quiet and have low heat signatures, which is suitable for the Army. He also said that some vehicles could be independent since it charges with renewable sources like the sun: “We have to operate distributed, which means you have to have organic power that is readily available… Electrification allows you to have access to readily available power to distribute not only for the vehicle but for all those different systems that I have.”

Tesla Cybertruck could be an excellent option for the US Army since it has an exoskeleton that is durable and over a 500-mile range. Which other electric vehicle would you suggest joining the Army?

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