Volkswagen Estimates the ID.3 will Suffer Up to 30% Loss of Autonomy on Winter

All-electric cars have autonomy losses when the weather conditions suppose a temperature variation beyond the ideal ranges for the battery. This loss will vary from one model to another depending on how powerful its cooling system is, and also the interior air conditioning system. Now Volkswagen has given some new data that should serve as a guide for those who want to buy an ID.3 and are not sure which battery version to select.
As we recall, the ID.3 will come with up to three different capacities. The first to arrive will do so this coming summer, and it will be equipped with a standard battery with 58 kWh and 420 kilometers of WLTP autonomy. Later the access version will arrive, with 45 kWh and 330 km of autonomy, then the 77 kWh, and 550 km of approved autonomy.

According to the available VW internal documents published by the German newspaper Automobilwoche, the external temperature will also have an impact on the autonomy of the ID.3. As we recall, it will mount a liquid cooling system for the battery, and an optional heat pump for the cabin. According to the documents, in summer, the interior air conditioning and the battery can reduce autonomy on hotter days by between 10% and 15%. For its part on the coldest days of winter, Volkswagen estimates that the range can go down by 30%.

In both cases we are talking about an intensive use of cooling or heating systems. But it is an interesting and transparent fact so that customers can get an idea of ​​which version will be the one that best suits their needs throughout the year, and not only on the dates with the most favorable weather.

Estimate autonomy of each version of the ID.3 will have:

ID.3 45 kWh
Official autonomy: 330 km
Autonomy on the hottest days: 280 km
Autonomy on the coldest days: 231 km

ID.3 58 kWh
Official autonomy: 420 km
Autonomy in the hottest days: 357 km
Autonomy on the coldest days: 294 km

ID.3 77 kWh
Official autonomy: 550 km
Autonomy on the hottest days: 467 km
Autonomy on the coldest days: 385 km

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