The Apex AP-0 is an Ultralight Electric Hypercar

Following the cancellation of the Geneva International Motor Show, APEX has just announced that they have rescheduled the debut of their groundbreaking concept Super Electric, the AP-0. The model’s debut will take place at Bike Shed, London.

Designed, developed, and built in the United Kingdom, the APEX AP-0 is an exciting product, and that is that we are talking about a very new carbon fiber chassis.

The AP-0 features a curb weight of only 1,200 kg, an exceptional achievement for a battery-powered electric vehicle. The AP-0’s lightweight design merges with impressive craftsmanship, fast acceleration, maximum agility, outstanding handling, and excellent cornering ability.

Due to the Coronavirus issue, the AP-0 press conference and presentation will be streamed live through APEX social media channels to ensure that the international media does not miss a single detail.

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