Elon Musk is Showering Bernie Sanders With Memes

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Tesla billionaire Elon Musk is, apart from a successful entrepreneur, a high-profile Twitter user and meme lover. A study of his recent meme activity on Twitter suggests a growing interest in Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Musk originally endorsed Andrew Yang for the Democratic candidate nomination. Yang has dropped out of the Democratic race, with just Sanders and Joe Biden remaining.

Musk been busily posting Bernie Sanders memes since Yang’s departure.

None of these memes are reliable indicators of Musk’s political leanings, and he has made no official statements endorsing any candidates since Yang dropped out. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone however, Musk’s current girlfriend and electro-music star Grimes (née Claire Boucher) said she sees similarities between Musk and Sanders.

“When I look at the aims of my boyfriend and I look at the aims of Bernie, like, their end goals are very similar. Fix environmental problems, reduce suffering,” she said — although she admitted that Musk’s status as a billionaire complicates the comparison.

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