The New Track Mode V2 Features

The new Track Mode V2 allows the driver to customize the vehicle configuration so that drivers can squeeze the car’s performance on the track to the fullest. Among other data of interest, this mode allows us to view information about the powertrain, tire temperature, and G forces. On the other hand, the user can adjust the stability assistants or the regeneration level, among other things.

According to some YouTubers who have already been able to test the Track Mode V2 in combination with the “Track Package,” the new software gives a massive amount of control over the vehicle configuration, allowing among other things, the disconnection of all security systems to improve track performance. As a novelty, the new Track Mode V2 will now also allow you to record videos on track.

According to Tesla the Track Mode V2 software update is:

Track Mode has been improved to make it easier to monitor the status of your car, create custom track mode settings profiles and record your track day data.

Monitor the status of your car motors, battery, brakes and tires, allowing you to adjust your driving in real time. G-meter, a real-time accelerometer, can now be viewed in the Cards area of the touchscreen. The map now displays a Lap Timer. Follow the onscreen instructions to place a start/finish pin on the map. At the completion of each lap, the Lap Timer displays the duration of the lap. It also displays the times associated with the previous and best laps in the driving session.

Track Mode allows you to save up to 20 Track Mode profiles to suit your preferences or driving scenario, or customize for a specific track. A new settings profile can be created by tapping Track Mode Settings and; Add New Settings, entering a name for the settings profile, then adjusting settings including Handling Balance, Stability Assist, Regenerative Braking, Post-Drive Cooling and Compressor Overclock. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for more information regarding each setting.

You can now save a video and data of the Track Mode driving session to a plugged in USB flash drive which must contain a folder named “TeslaTrackMode” (without the quotation marks). When “Save Dashcam for Laps” is enabled, Track Mode stores a video of each lap in a driving session when using the Lap Timer. Track Mode also stores the car status and telemetry data including details about the vehicle’s position, speed, acceleration, and use of accelerator which is stored as a .CSV file on the USB flash drive.

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