Tesla Prepares 110 kWh Batteries for the Model S and Model X

Recently, Elon Musk stated that Tesla “will soon” have an electric car capable of exceeding 400 miles (644 km) of autonomy per charge. According to the executive, this model will be the Model S, which has recently received a Long-Range Plus version with an approved autonomy of 628 km under the strict American cycle EPA.

The increased autonomy of the Model S is due to a series of software improvements; However, in parallel, Tesla is preparing a pack of higher capacity (currently, the Model S has batteries of about 100 kWh). The new pack will have a capacity of about 110 kWh, which will allow both the Model S and the Model X to increase their autonomy significantly.

According to Jason Hughes, a well-known Tesla hacker, the firm is working on a 450-volt pack with groups of 108 cells and 109 kWh of useful capacity (about 113 kWh or 114 kWh of gross capacity). If these specifications are finally met, it is possible that the Model S is not limited to reaching 644 km EPA, but could even approach 700 km EPA.

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