Tesla Model 3 is the Car with the Least Value Lost After a Year in the United States

According to the study of the iSeeCars analysts, who analyzed the transaction prices of more than 6 million new and used cars sold from August 2019 to January 2020, it has resulted that among the top 10 classifieds there is hardly any difference between that of the Model 3 with one year of use and a new one.

A list that commands the Model 3 with just 5.5% depreciation regarding its purchase as new, which translates into a reduction of its value of only $2,529. A figure that placed the vehicle well ahead of the second classified, the Ford Ranger, which after a year, has lost 11.4% of its value and 3,716 dollars. All in a market where the average has been according to the study at 25.2%.

One of the rivals of the Model 3 segment, the BMW 3 Series, sees how their figures are very different. After a year, it is much cheaper to buy the BWM model, which will be priced 38.2% less than brand new, while that the Series 4 reaches a decrease of 35.8% compared to its brand new version.

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