Tesla’s Deadlines for its German Gigafactory are Super Tight

Tesla’s Germany Gigafactory should start producing cars in the middle of next year. Still, it could face some difficulties that may delay the construction and even end up preventing the lifting.

One of the problems Tesla faces is the environmental approval process, which is still ongoing. The Brandeburg Minister still sees risks that could end the project in a dead-end: “Forest logging must be completed no later than mid-March. Otherwise, the project would probably be delayed for another nine months.” Something for the Minister that would be a risk could result in the withdrawal of Tesla. Once the logging is finished, they will have to face the elimination of the ammunition and the remaining garbage in the area. A process that can be done until February, with an extension until March.

For the Minister, the process of Germany cannot be compared with that experienced by the factory in China, finished in ten months. Certain procedures must be approved, and that need specific time sequences.

The Minister confirmed that the issue all depended on the environmental impact study: “The application documents for approval must demonstrate convincingly that all environmental requirements are met, and that a high level of protection for the environment as a whole is guaranteed. Otherwise, the project will not receive the necessary permits.”


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