Tesla Will Present the Results of the Fourth Quarter of 2019

Tesla will present the results of the fourth quarter of 2019 on Thursday, and the balance of a year that has become the most successful of the American brand since its foundation. A very positive march that could be reinforced with income and delivery data that threaten to break the previous brands. A highly anticipated event not only because of the economic data itself but because it is expected to be used by Elon Musk to announce significant developments.

At the moment waiting for the economic data, Tesla has confirmed that in the fourth quarter it has achieved deliveries of 112,000 units, with a production of 104,891 units. This will mean improving deliveries of the third quarter of 2019 by 17.95% closing the year with a total of 367,000 units, or 42.4% more than the previous year.

Thanks to this increase in deliveries, Tesla will see how revenues also increase sustainably. According to the expectations of Wall Street analysts, Tesla should reach revenue in the quarter of 7.047 million dollars. This would mean improving the figures for the third quarter by 11.78%. It remains to be seen how the balance sheet ends concerning expenses. However, the fall in prices of some models may have had consequences on the accounts, and everything indicates that Tesla will once again be able to enter benefits.


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