Nissan Will Deliver a Massive Fleet of 2,000 LEAF to Uber in the UK

Nissan has just signed an agreement with Uber to provide a fleet of some 2,000 100% electric LEAFs in the United Kingdom. The version chosen will be that of 40 kWh, which is capable of achieving a range of 285 km under the European approval cycle WLTP.

This agreement is part of the Clean Air Plan of Uber and is a significant step for the company in its strategy to get its 45,000 drivers to use 100% electric vehicles from 2025. From the starting gun of this plan in January 2019, Uber has registered a total of 900,000 trips in electric cars, an increase of 350% compared to the year 2018.

The truth is that little by little, both traditional public transport services and new mobility companies are betting to a greater or lesser extent on sustainability, especially in large cities. The taxi sector is also actively embracing alternative vehicles partly because of the regulations of cities. Some Nissan LEAF and Tesla Models already circulate in the capital of the country as taxis. Cars to LPG and CNG are also beginning to increase.

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