Michael Bloomberg Supports EV and Emissions Reductions

Michael Bloomberg, a Democratic Candidate, wants electric vehicles to be more affordable for low-income families and wants to start the “Clean Car for all” program. This will allow people to trade their old gas car for a new electric one: “My plan will ensure that electric vehicles and charging infrastructure are affordable and accessible to all Americans. I’ll roll back President Trump’s efforts to weaken emissions standards, create more clean energy jobs, and drive us toward a healthier, carbon-free future.”

The candidate is worried about climate change and wants to help to curb emissions by 50 percent by 2030. With this regard, he intends to assure that all new vehicles produced in the U.S. are electric by 2035. it includes buses, trucks, and high-speed rails.

Mr. Bloomberg said: “Vehicles haven’t always been the biggest carbon polluters in America — coal used to hold that title. But in the last decade, we’ve closed hundreds of coal plants and moved to cleaner, renewable sources of energy. And I know we can transition to clean, pollution-free vehicles, too.”


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