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Iceland Sold One Plug-in for Every 4 Cars in 2019

Iceland is just after Norway in the highest global sales of plug-ins cars. Even with the decrease in sales in the country, the plug-ins had an increase of 25%.

“Iceland is one of the world’s most urbanized places. 94% of its population lives in urban areas, two-thirds in the capital region of Reykjavik. In addition, its size is ideal for electric vehicles: 500 km from west to east, and about 350 km from north to south. This means that most trips are well within EV range: Icelandic car owners, on average, drive approximately 38 km per day.”

The top-selling model is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. The second was Nissan LEAF, and unfortunately, there is no Tesla Model 3 “effect” around Iceland yet.
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