KIA Will Launch Its First Electric Car With an Exclusive Platform in 2021

The Hyundai-KIA group has become one of the largest manufacturers that is betting on electrification, especially with the “Project S.” This medium and long term initiative seeks to begin to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable forms of mobility. The focus now is the development of a specific platform for electric cars.

This new platform will reach the market in 2021 by a new model that will be based on the Kia Imagine concept. An intermediate solution that allows offering a somewhat higher vehicle, but without sacrificing the dynamic performance of a sedan. All without breaking design that at least in the concept has received excellent reviews from the media and assistants to the Auto Show of Geneva.

KIA plans to put up to 11 electric cars on the market between 2020 and 2025. A comprehensive offer that they hope will allow them to get 6.6% of global electricity sales, excluding China. This will mean reaching a figure of about 500,000 units year. A number that would account for 17% of total KIA sales achieved last year.

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