Hummer Will Return as an Electric Car Manufacturer

The American automaker Hummer will return in 2021 with a 100% electric vehicle fleet. In the past, Hummer only manufactured three models: the H1 (a civilian derivative of the military Hunvee), the H2, and the H3, ordered from largest to smallest. These vehicles enjoyed some popularity in the United States.

Following the bankruptcy of General Motors during the past global economic crisis, the brand disappeared in 2010. However, in a market where SUVs are increasingly fashionable, it seems that General Motors is willing to take advantage of the pull of the brand in the U.S.

Hummer’s return will be announced on February 2 during the Super Bowl. The spokesman chosen by General Motors for the reborn firm will be none other than LeBron James, one of the most important players in the NBA. The Hummers will be sold with the GMC logos, configured as a premium sub-brand of the automaker, specialized in SUV and pick-up.

“Hummer by GMC” will have a range of SUVs and electric pick-ups that are more luxurious than equivalent GMCs. The first model of the new Hummer will be an electric pick-up similar to the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra that will be manufactured at the General Motors plant in Detroit-Hamtramck. The company will invest about 3,000 million dollars in the factory to produce electric cars.

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