Bmw Autonomous Driving Concept

During the CES 2020, BMW presented a new autonomous driving concept, looking forward into the future. Decades from now we can expect something like that to happen, and it is really shocking.

The BMW I Interaction Ease concept is full of technology and it does not look like a car. It presented itself with a cockpit equipped with 2 wide and head to toe seats, glass on the sides instead of windows, and a huge screen for the passengers.

This luxurious vehicle is expected to recognize its owner from afar and greet them. The glass can change its color to lighter or darker for privacy and the ambience can change in three diferentes modes: Explore, Entertain and Ease.

The explore mode brings the artificial intelligence that can read human facial gestures to interact about facts or places that the presenters drive through. The Entertain mode creates the perfect mood for movies our other possibilities of entertainment that the passenger may ask, changing lights and sound inside the cockpit. The Ease mode is a spa-like mode where the seats get more comfortable and the whole vechile helps the passenger to relax in its fullest.

BMW says that in 2021 this kind of vehicle will be available, making a compartsion with some cars of its fleet that already have gesture controls. This riot of technology seen so far away, but they are more and more common in shows like CES.

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