Sony Presents Its Electric Car, VISION-S

During the CES in Las Vegas, the technology company Sony presented, by surprise, an electric vehicle: the VISION-S prototype. The Japanese company describes its concept car as a showcase of the technologies that Sony has for the automotive industry, focusing on the safety, entertainment, and adaptability sections.

The VISION-S has a total of 33 sensors (including Sony’s new LiDARs) to monitor the exterior and interior of the vehicle, and its objective is to demonstrate the viability of its detection functions. As for entertainment, we should highlight the “360 Reality Audio”, which promises an immersive acoustic experience in the car’s interior. But this section is not there.

The VISION-S has a large panoramic screen that runs along with the dashboard from side to side. On the sides of this screen, we find two other displays, which show the images captured by the cameras that perform the function of mirrors. In the second row of seats, there is also another pair of screens anchored to the front backrests.

The vehicle design is software-oriented, which makes it highly adaptable. It can be opened through a smartphone app, access OTA updates, and the interface is 100% customizable. According to Sony, the vehicle platform can also be adapted to various uses, being viable in saloons, SUVs, and vans (this leads us to think that the platform is modular).

Aesthetically, this car shows a front that reminds us to some extent of the Xpeng G3, while the rear shows lines very close to those exhibited by the extinct SAAB brand (currently NEVS). The power of the car is 544 hp (400 hp); Besides, it has a total traction system thanks to the use of an electric motor per axle. The top speed is 240 km/h, while the 0 to 100 km/h is completed in just 4.8 seconds.

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