Volkswagen Presents a Robot That Recharges Electric Cars Autonomously With a Power of Up to 50 kW

Volkswagen has presented an ultimate solution designed to offer an alternative to those places that, due to lack of infrastructure or lack of space, cannot install conventional charging points. A robot that also anticipates the future where cars can move autonomously, but they will need help to recharge.

The idea is to install in areas such as parking lots or shopping centers, an area where there will be one or several robots, which will be placed in a space where there will be a series of batteries charging. When a car arrives and demands to recharge, the robot will autonomously carry one of these batteries and connect it to the vehicle. That way, the owner will not have to worry about finding the points and starting the session.

The robot will have a system of cameras, sensors, and a laser scanner, which will allow you to read the route and avoid crashing into cars and people. An autonomous system that will make it easier for you to reach the vehicle, connect the battery to it, and return to the base while waiting for another call.

This will have a capacity of 25 kWh and will be able to offer a load with a power of 50 kW, which means that an average car with a consumption of about 15 kWh at 100 km, can recover about 160 kilometers in each loading session.

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