A German Taxi Company Acquires 52 Tesla Vehicles

The German taxi company, Taxi Norman, has decided to take the step and embrace electric mobility in the hands of the acquisition of a total of 52 electric cars for its fleet in Düsseldorf. The first two are two Tesla Model S that are already in circulation. Later, they will be joined by 50 units of the cheaper Tesla, Model 3.

The Eller-based company, which currently has a fleet of 150 vehicles, reports that only for the purchase of the Model S did it have to disburse a total of 230,000 euros. However, the Model 3 that will arrive in the coming weeks will cost 45,000 euros each, which means that the version chosen has been the Standard Range Plus.

According to Erol Norman, the company’s managing director, the transition from diesel vehicles to electric vehicles will not only allow its taxi fleet to be greener but will also make it more profitable: in addition to exclusive stops. They will enjoy cheap electricity thanks to the municipal public services (for 35 euros per month, the company’s electric taxis will be able to charge unlimitedly).


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