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Super73 Motorcycle Unveiled on January 25th

The Californian startup Lithium Cycles has presented the Super 73, an electric bicycle that stays close to being a motorcycle.

The design of this electric bicycle makes its appearance closely resemble that of a motorcycle. It has very wide wheels, which is unusual on the bikes. As a bike, it also has pedals to be able to drive without using the electrical system. Of course, with those wheels and a weight of almost 30 kg, pedaling alone requires a lot of effort.

The Super 73 has a 1 kW motor thanks to which it can be propelled up to 48 kilometers per hour. This would mean that in Spain, it is comparable to a moped, at least for speed. The battery is easily removable and is located under the seat. It has an autonomy of up to 32 kilometers, although it lengthens the more the pedaling system is used.

According to Super73, the new electric bike will be unveiled in Los Angeles on January 25th.
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