Rivian’s New “Guardian Mode”

The electric car maker, Rivian, just submitted a patent called “Systems and Methods for Operating an Autonomous Vehicle in Guardian Mode,” to the United States Patent Office.

This new concept can drive the vehicle to its destination without a physical driver in the car, creating the possibility to the car’s owner to request a ride without being there.

Rivian’s explains that: “Modem autonomous vehicle technology allows an autonomous vehicle to transport passengers between destinations without being directly controlled by a human driver. Consequently, it is now possible for an autonomous vehicle to transport a user who is not fully competent (e.g., a child user, a senior citizen user, or a mentally challenged user) without a fully competent user being present. However, in such a situation, a user who is not fully competent may misuse the capabilities of the autonomous vehicle while in transit. Such misuse may lead to undesirable situations (e.g., a child requesting to go to a wrong location), or even dangerous situations (e.g., a child opening a door while the car is still in motion, or a child unbuckling a seat belt). Consequently, what is needed is an autonomous vehicle with a mode of operation that is appropriate for transporting users who are not fully competent.”

The “Guardian Mode” will allow the passenger to operate the radio, climate control, and other features within the permission of the owner of the car, that would insert a PIN or passcode through an app.

Rivian is looking for the future with autonomous driving, and the automaker already has some patents to improve the self-driving, and facing the challenges towards a safer road with safer cars.


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