Tesla Autopilot in Europe

Tesla Autopilot is not the same all around the world. In Europe for example, the automaker is making some updates to include a requirement to apply pressure to the steering wheel every 15 seconds when using Autopilot.

The main problem of Tesla in Europe is the maintenance and repair operations. There are a some gaps that Tesla is preparing to reduce with the new phase of expansion of its network of stores and technical services as well.

Tesla sent an e-mail to the European Tesla owners:

“Our latest software update introduces changes to some Autopilot features that will affect how they operate on your Model S. These changes are required to meet European regulations and only affect some Model S and Model X vehicles, as most Tesla’s with Autopilot already have this functionality. We are disappointed with the requirements regulators to have chosen to impose, limiting the effectiveness of these features, and will continue to advocate that full functionality be restored.

These changes place limitations on some features that you are familiar with. So we have prepared a summary of updates to ensure you understand what is expected when using Autopilot:

  • Auto Lane Change will be restricted for use on divided roads with two or more lanes of traffic in either direction.
  • Once Auto Lane Change is activated, and the indicator is turned on, your car will wait a minimum of one and a half seconds before starting the lane change and will wait up to five seconds before canceling if the lane change has not been able to start.
  • The limit of how far the steering wheel can turn while using Autosteer is reduced and can affect your car’s ability t maneuver curves or stay within the lane, require you to take action.
  • Summon will require that you be within six meters of your car’s location to operate.
  • You’ll receive a reminder to hold the steering wheel if it does not detect your hands on the wheel for 15 seconds.

You can also reference these changes in the release notes from your touchscreen by tapping the Tesla’ T’ and selecting ‘Release Notes.’

We thank all Tesla owners. Yours sincerely, The Tesla team.”


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