Tesla Model 3 Charging Rate vs. Porsche Taycan

James Dow from Electrek made an excellent comparison between the charging efficiency between Tesla and Porsche Taycan. On one side, we have the updated Tesla Model 3 with a 250kW charge rate, and on the other we have the Porsche Taycan, with the promise of 350kW charge rate. Despite the numbers, Tesla adds more range per minute at peak charge rate than the Taycan does because of its low efficiency.

The EPA rating from Taycan is at 69mpge, lower than any other EV currently on sale in the U.S., while the Model 3 brings us the highest rated efficiency by EPA, beating the Hyundai Ioniq. The Model 3 Long Range scores 130mpg, twice more than the Porsche. Tesla gets the prize because of the 800-volt ultra charger, while most other EV DC cartoons are 400 volts.

Porsche Taycan will be more potent than most Teslas (which now have a higher charging rate than it does) after the update, but won’t get to Model 3. Maybe Porsche uses a large amount of the battery on the reserving, such as Audi e-Tron and Jaguar I-PACE.


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