Tesla Gigafactory 4 complex to include on-site train station: report

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Tesla Gigafactory 4 may have its own train station, based on recent reports from Germany.

German publication Bild recently shared what appeared to be the layout of Gigafactory 4, which will be built in Brandenburg, a town roughly an hour east of Berlin. The image depicted several parts of the upcoming facility, including its battery and drivetrain assembly, seat assembly, and final assembly area. It also showed a train station and a possible Autobahn exit.

Tesla has not confirmed if Bild‘s information about Gigafactory Berlin is accurate, but if it holds water, the upcoming facility may very well prove to be one of the company’s most efficient factories yet. A train station provides the company with easy transportation of cargo and materials, while access to the Autobahn will allow easy deliveries of vehicles. Workers from nearby cities would likely find it easier to get to the facility as well.

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