Tesla critic Jim Cramer turns into full-on bull: ‘TSLA has all the ingredients of a winner’

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Tesla has a new convert as tough critic Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money turns from an agnostic skeptic to an outright bull on the electric carmaker’s stock (NASDAQ:TSLA). The Mad Money host declared that he is now a true believer in Tesla, which he classifies as a battleground stock.

“All my career I have been fascinated by companies with vociferous bulls and ferocious bears, if only because they can be so entertaining,” Cramer said.

For the uninitiated, battleground stocks are those that attract strong, polarizing opinions from different sides. “First, they are cultish, meaning that there are people who love the product, not the earnings and the product transcends simple analysis. You can’t put a price to earnings ratio on cool, on but you might buy cool and therefore want to buy the stock. That had been my stance for years on Tesla,” said Cramer.

Cramer shared a story of how his wife and daughter helped convinced him to believe in Tesla. About three months ago, his daughter drove a Model 3 from Oregon to San Francisco. Within 100 miles of the 600-mile trip, he was surprised to get a call from his daughter, who was raving about how it was nice being behind the wheel of the electric vehicle. His daughter told him to “buy one.”

Read The Full Article On: Tesla Rati


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