BMW iNEXT Arrives in 2021

The BMW iNext is one of the most anticipated cars, and the German manufacturer is doing everything to ensure that the vehicle does not disappoint when it comes to production and the market in 2021.

The basis of all BMW electric SUV models will be a common platform that can accommodate all types of powertrains, from gasoline and diesel to the various types of hybrids and electric motors. The iNext will have a range of 580 km. First, BMW has promised a fanciful 700 km, then passed to 600 km, and is now 579 km under the WLTP protocol.

To achieve this range, BMW will provide the iNext with a larger battery than used by Mercedes, Tesla, and Audi. They say the battery will have a capacity of 120 kWh. The iNext will also feature BMW’s most advanced semi-autonomous driving system and will be about the size of the X5.

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