Tesla Released an Update of its Automatic Wiper

Like most vehicles today, Tesla has automatic wipers on its cars with the differential of being powered by Autopilot cameras instead of rain sensors. This in turn makes them not very accurate.

Some users have reported problems with camera operation compared to rain sensors standard in other cars.

The new update provides a better understanding of rain and the speed of glass wipers with a new neural net. The manufacturer published in a note:

“Automatic wipers have been improved to be more likely to activate when it is lightly raining and respond to changes in rain intensity for more environments. The automatic wipers are now employing the first production deep neural network trained with over 1 million images for the detection of water droplets in a windshield and additional weather cues.”

The manufacturer complemented that any bugs can be corrected manually, such as speed increase and cycle start, but consumers expect a perfect operation from this new update.

Tesla wants to replace standard windshield wipers with laser beams on its vehicles. The company has developed the technology but has not yet officially announced whether it will use it.


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