Tesla’s Cybertruck is the Latest Lofty promise in the World of Electric Pickups

The electric pickup truck still seems far away. Last night, Elon Musk took the stage at the Tesla Design Studio in California to finally deliver on a promise he made on Twitter all the way back in 2012 and introduce Tesla’s truck. Predictably, the show was elaborate. Unexpectedly, however, the “Cyber Truck” looked considerably different from what anyone was expecting. We also found out that it won’t go into production until “late 2021,” and that’s if things stay on schedule. You can technically pre-order it now, but you’ll wait a while before you can drive that “Blade Runner-inspired,” (as Musk put it) triangle-shaped truck off into the sunset of the post-apocalyptic wasteland in which it seems Elon expects we’ll eventually live.

But what if you just want a regular electric pickup truck? There are some promising options on the cusp, or at least on the horizon, of reality. Here’s a quick overview of your options when it comes to an electric pickup.

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