Dealerships Aren’t Prepared to Sell EVs

A new report from Sierra Club shows that despite an increasing number of electric vehicle options, dealerships aren’t prepared to sell these vehicles to consumers. Rev Up Electric Vehicles: A Nationwide Study of the EV Shopping Experience compiled data collected by 579 Sierra Club volunteers who visited 909 dealerships in all 50 states.

  • A recent survey found 74 percent of dealerships aren’t selling EVs and have none in stock.
  • Those that do sell EVs often have only one or two available.
  • Information on how EVs work and available incentives is hard to come by at many dealerships.

The study found that 74 percent of dealerships aren’t selling EVs and don’t even have any on their lots. Those dealerships that do have EVs for sale aren’t always prepared to explain how they work or to take potential customers for a test drive.

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