Rivian’s New R1T Video

RH Scaringe (founder and Rivian’s CEO) is a life long car enthusiastic. He wanted to create a different type of vehicle, so he started the concept of the automaker with a sports cars 2 and a half years ago. He quickly realized that this did not answer the core question “Why does Rivian exist? Why does the world needs this company?”.

He believes that passion can change the change, and that’s why the company is now launching its new car.

As you can see in the video, sharing the passion, and telling its story connects the central idea of the R1T to the company concepts, showing details and features of the car.
Rivian wants to use all the new technology, connectivity, and smart architecture to make the most of its cars.


Some of the R1T features:

  • A very light car for its segment.
  • Accurate torque at each wheel.
  • Ipad alike driver display entirely flexible with the parameters (Able to customize the software of the vehicles in the future).
  • A new idea of battery distribution inside the vehicle to fit more power per space and for mass than any other car.
  • Integrated driven system.
  • Gearbox motor assembly to a gearbox
  • Power electronics are inverted “all in house” design.
  • Exact and full control of the data layer within the vehicle.
  • Planned OTA updates (Over-The-Air).
  • Motor torque you can control individually in each wheel
  • Dampers that you can adjust corner by corner.
  • Basis roll control that you can adjust front to back differently.
  • Control the vehicle with nobs that you wouldn’t usually have access to.


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