The Future is “On” with Kia´s Electric SUV prototype called “Futuron”

Kia introduced a new prototype of a 100% electric SUV called Futuron Concept. With all-wheel drive and a very aggressive design concept that in some ways was inspired by the idea of a flying saucer, Kia is undoing the idea that electric vehicles can’t be exciting.

Futuron´s aggressive design concept.

This concept, which the brand presents as a statement of intent for its future models, measures almost five meters in length (4850 mm). It is also 1550 mm high, has a 3000 mm wheelbase, and a high ground clearance for a “confident stance”. Kia explains that its shape is only possible “by 100% electric motorization”. Under the lightweight body is an electric drive assembly with a high capacity battery under the floor of the vehicle. It powers four electric motors, one for each wheel, giving it the all-wheel-drive (e-AWD) ability.

The interior of the car reflects the concept of how the future will be to Kia Motors.

Inside, committed to high-tech elements, the high comfort seats also reflects a new type of interactive driving experience for urban environments. Both front seats are made of flexible materials that allow a normal driving position, or, when in stand-alone mode an armchair position, like in the first class of a long-haul aircraft (positioning the body in a ‘zero-gravity’ position and also in this mode the steering wheel hides to free up more room for passengers.)

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