Ford Mustang Lithium EV

Electric Mustang? There is just one to inspire us.

The Mustang Lithium is a one-ff prototype built by Ford for SEMA Show 2019, developed in partnership with Webasto.

Yesterday it was confirmed at SEMA the all-electric high-performance Mustang is powered by 913 horsepower and a Phi-Power dual-core electric motor. It runs on an 800-volt Webasto battery and EVDrive Technology system. It is capable of charging a megawatt of power, and its system is twice the voltage of existing electric cars. For Ford, this solution allows the system to be lighter, more powerful and generate less heat, offering more electrical power than most current systems.

Another feature of this Mustang Lithium lies in Getrag’s six-speed manual gearbox. The MT82 is prepared by Calimer, a company that makes transmissions for dragster cars. With the help of Ford Performance, reinforced axle shafts, a monstrous rear axle with Super Torsen 8.8 differential, 1355 Nm of torque, makes them reach the asphalt through Forgeline forged wheels, and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.

The car has several driving modes – Valet, Sport, Track, and Beast – all controlled from the touchscreen on top of the 10.4-inch center console. This is the start of what’s to come as in two weeks we have the unveiling of the new Mustang-inspired SUV codenamed “Mach 1″.

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