If A Lunar Rover Were Built To Thrash It’d Probably Be This EV Ariel Nomad

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Industrial supplier BorgWarner has picked the preposterously impractical Ariel Nomad to demo some of its new electric car propulsion tech. Obviously, the company has a sense of humor to balance out its pragmatism.

The Nomad is a weird little dune buggy-thing you’re undoubtedly familiar with if you watch Top Gear or regularly read sites like Jalopnik. For the rest of you, these cars are basically just skeletal frames wrapped around an engine, two seats, and suspension.

That makes the car a perfect candidate for duty BorgWarner’s Electrified Demonstration Vehicle–the company’s engineers could not only easily bolt its new EV tech to the lean car, but the Nomad’s mechanically-exposed nature makes it easy for company reps to point out various parts of its prototype powertrain.

Read the full article on: Jalopnik.com


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