Nissan Reveals the Concept of Ariya

The new EV had images shown at the Tokyo Motor Show, and according to the company, it is a “realistic look at Nissan’s future vehicles.”

The Ariya Concept features incredible looks on the inside and outside of the car. According to the company, “The Ariya Concept showcases Nissan’s new design direction, called Timeless Japanese Futurism. The new design language combines new possibilities incorporating the company’s 100% EV platform with traditional Japanese minimalist themes.”

Here is a video the carmaker shared on Youtube:

Nissan could work on a production model of this new EV since executives of the automaker have been saying that this is “the next stage of Nissan’s future design language as we embark on a new era for the company – the next stage in our evolution,” said Yashuhiro Yamauchi.

You can check the press release here.

The car will embrace all of the newest techs from Nissan, so it could be highly expected by customers.

No more specs were shown, but what do you expect?

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