Rivian’s Next Vehicle Might Be a Rally Car

Still a year away from launching its first electric truck, the R1T, Rivian shared ideas of a possible rally car.

The image created was made on Rivian Forums, and was based on a statement by the CEO of the startup, RJ Scaringe.

“The third vehicle will have a smaller wheelbase [than the R1S SUV] and will be the Rivian interpretation of a rally car with a lot of ground clearance. (…) [Rivian] has combination of on and off-road performance and a level of functionality that’s unique in its space”.

The Next Avenue has been doing a series of reports on the vehicles by the startup. For now, the main issue with the company is that none of their cars are out to the public yet. This makes it understandable to be skeptical that a third model will be developed.

On the other hand, RJ Scaringe’s company has been very committed to delivering the best electric vehicle launched in the last few years. Other companies, such as Amazon and Ford, also demonstrated an interest in the development of the truck and the SUV. They injected a total of $1.2 billion.

Rivian Forums spotted a possible design of the rally car.

What do you expect from Rivian?


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