Lexus Plans To Show New Electric Car In Tokyo

The Japanese luxury car company is no stranger when it comes to putting batteries inside their vehicles. They are one of the pioneers in the hybrid market. But for some reason, it’s taking some time for them to make the jump to go full electric.

However, they are planning to show to the world their vision for the future of the auto industry. Lexus just released a new teaser, a two-second video, showing some lines of the new car.

This new concept car will most likely be the vision that the company has for its future — not only in technology but design as well.

Lexus and its parent company, Toyota, are working together to develop powertrains for new EVs. It’s not clear yet if this new model will be the first one to come equipped with such technology.

All of these questions and more will be answered later this month at the Tokyo Motor Show. The event will begin on October 24th. We can’t wait.

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