Top 5 Features We Can Expect From Rivian Trucks

With the crescent interest on trucks by the company of RJ Scaringe, Rivian wants to make customers even more interested in the new electric vehicles soon to come.

Getting ready for the launch on the upcoming years of 2020 and 2021, the two models R1T and R1S, promise to include amazing and unique features that only Rivian can offer. The trucks are more related to an adventurous customer on an off-road trip.

With this in mind, The Next Avenue decided to join in with a list of the “Top 5 Features We Can Expect from Rivian Trucks.”

1- Kitchen Camp:

One of the most expected features from the Rivian R1T model is the slide in kitchen placed on the backside of the EV. This new feature is significant for drivers that might want to camp off-road. The kitchen comes with equipment that fits inside the design of the feature. It saves a lot of room for trunk and bed space. 

The energy that feeds the stove is from the electric power for the car. Of course, once you use it, the range goes down. There is a video showing a full review of the kitchen, still on a prototype of R1T. Check it out:

2- Removable Rooftop

While using Twitter to interact with enthusiasts of the new upcoming EVs, Rivian replied to a question on the matter of the roof of its SUV, the R1S. 

It is quite a fun new feature, especially if you are out with the EV in the wild. The opportunity to observe a starry night through the roof of your car, while enjoying its commodity is not something that a lot (if any) of EVs offer. 

3- Gear Tunnel

As any typical pickup truck, a space at the back of the vehicle is part of the design. Offered mainly for the reason that the car is used on work sites or even to store gear for camping crews that travel on adventurous discoveries. All of them need to use a vehicle that can take care of off-road tracks, and still carry all the things needed to spend some time in the wild. 

To offer a different storage system to its customers, Rivian will also place a ‘Gear Tunnel’ close to the Kitchen Camp. 

Not only using the space inside, but the “lid” coming off, can be used as a support to your feet or a small seat. Its capacity reaches 350 L of space.

4- USB Ports, Power Outlets and Air Compressors

When going out on adventurous trips it is essential to, sometimes, recharge your equipment, even if that is just for a moment. Thinking of that, Rivian installed USB ports and even power outlets at the bed of the R1T. The car will work as a source of energy to the devices that need to be charged via electric energy. More than that, the automaker will offer air compressors that are totally useful when you have a flat tire on your bike or just want to fill your inflatables during a trip. Cool, uh?

5- Airbags Between Two Seats

Even though there is not a lot of information on how this new feature will work, it is already known that Rivian filed a patent on an airbag that will be placed between two seats. The drawing explains how it will work. The company stated that the airbags “may be deployed to fill an interior space in a vehicle to support persons in a vehicle that is involved in a side crash, particularly, a person facing a far-side crash.” They will be placed in pairs.

What are your expectations on Models R1T and R1S by Rivian?

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