This is Lucid’s 700 Million Dollar Electric Car Factory

Spoiler Alert: It looks like a factory.

The Verge got their hands on some images that paint a nice picture of how this new facility will look. After securing funds (yes, that was deliberated) from Saudi Arabia, $1 billion to be more exact, Lucid is planning to break ground soon.

The company has a total of 21 million square feet at its disposal to use to build the complex. According to the initial plan, the main factory will “only” use 820,000 square feet. However, the land is not owned by Lucid. It belongs to Pinal County in Arizona. Therefore, the EV manufacturer will have to dig $1.8 million out of their pockets every year to pay rent. They will have the option to buy the land after 5 years.

The Lucid Air, Lucid’s first vehicle created for mass production, is scheduled to start being assembled by the end of 2021. It’s not clear yet if this new space will be responsible for any part of the assembly. The city of Casa Grande and Pinal County estimate that the new factory will produce 3,200 jobs in construction in the first 5 years. In 20 years, they believe that more than 4,800 direct and indirect jobs will be created in the region.

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