Porsche’s Taycan Is the Best Electric Car $150,000 Can Buy

The all-new sport sedan may be the world’s most advanced car—we just wish it felt more like a Porsche of old.

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Top speed in the Porsche Taycan electric sport sedan arrives with very little fuss on Germany’s autobahn. When the left lane clears just north of Hamburg, I mat the pedal and the white Turbo S—its profile reminiscent of a stretched 911, atop matching white 21-inch wheels—glides along as the speedometer needle tries to keep pace.

The Taycan moves with the thrust of an electric railgun, catching passengers and even drivers off guard with its seemingly unrestrained energy. But shocking as the launch can be—the more powerful Turbo S variant will reach 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds—the smooth highway offers little to upset the suspension. By 120 mph, I can feel the slipstream pushing me down, with no audible turbulence. That’s a result of the 0.22 drag coefficient, the best ever from Porsche, and more slippery than a Tesla Model 3. By 140 mph, just I’m expecting biblical-level wind noise and tire roar, the cabin’s vibe is surreal calm. At 160 mph, even the cars up ahead feel like they’re somehow already behind me. And still, the Taycan Turbo S, with its outrageous 750 horsepower (overboosted from the standard Turbo’s 616) and 774 pound-feet of torque, remains ready to do more.

Read The Full Article On: Wired


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