China Is Winning the Race to Dominate Electric Cars

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This week, General Motors Co. Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra spoke to the future of her company, the U.S.’s biggest automaker. “Once you start to believe in the science of global warming and look at the regulatory environment around the world, it becomes pretty clear that to win the future, you’ve got to win” electric and driverless personal transportation, she told Bloomberg Businessweek. If we look at today’s data in key markets — and from some of Barra’s biggest competitors — it also looks like an observation of the industry right now. 

First things first: The global auto market is not only not growing, but it is also shrinking. Sales peaked in 2017 at nearly 86 million on a trailing-12-months basis; right now in 2019, sales are closer to 76 million.

Read the full article on Bloomberg

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