Rivian Files Patent for Airbags Between Two Seats

The automaker Rivian just announced that it has filed a patent on the matter of airbags. These will be located between two seats and will be placed in pairs.

Rivian seems worried about the safety of its customers. With this new tech registered, the airbags “may be deployed to fill an interior space in a vehicle to support persons in a vehicle that is involved in a side crash, particularly, a person facing a far-side crash,” according to the company.

Here is an image for a better understanding of the idea:

The focus of the feature is “to support a side of the vehicle occupant on a near side of the crash so that person is contained from the other person facing the far-side crash,” said Rivian.

A good initiative from the automaker, but now we will need to see how it will fit the production model of the trucks and SUVs.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited for the launch of Rivian trucks?


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