Daimler is Stopping the Development of Internal Combustion Engines

One of the most famous automakers in the industry, Daimler, announced that the company will no longer invest in internal combustion engines. This decision comes right at the ascent of electric vehicles on the market.

With more EVs being created by large and famous carmakers, it seems that the technology used by gas-fueled cars is becoming more obsolete. Observing that scenario, the German company decided that it will now focus on what electric vehicles can offer.

Daimler says that it is stopping the development of new internal combustion engines to focus on electric cars.

The carmaker’s development chief, Markus Schaefer, stated no new versions of the combustion engines will come out, but the company still has plans for improving previous pieces of tech on the matter.

Another important step by an important company. The expectations grow with the EV market getting more resources.


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