VW Head of Sales Comments on the Possibility of a Hot-Hatch Version of ID.3

The German automaker Volkswagen, just revealed the production model of the new electric ID. 3 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. They are already talking about the future of their new car.

In an interview with Autocar, the head of sales of the company, Jurgen Stackman, talked about a higher performance car and the changes on it:

“If there is a future for R it must be electric, it’s very simple. It won’t be next year, because we need to define what R is in the electric world. (…)

His statement was complemented by Frank Welsch, the head of research and development:

We should have the same as cars such as the Golf, the GTI and R. People like performance and I’m sure people will love performance in ID cars too. The situation is different – even in the normal ID, we have good performance right from the very beginning, you just touch the pedal and you feel the punch. From 0-60km is like the GTI. No GTI is faster than the ID 3. At the upper end, of course GTI is better.”

The website asked about how much time this new process could take, and he said:

“We should be able to deliver something meaningful in under five years but it takes a team of developers, and it’s tough without a lot of expertise at the moment. We have to start that journey.”

What are your thoughts on the new plan by Volkswagen? 


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