Ford’s Electric Mustang- like SUV Range

The carmaker Ford just posted on its website media center a new session called “How Far Will Ford’s All-Electric SUV Take You?”

The company announced that the new EV, that has been inspired by the classic Mustang, will only come out in 2020. The new car will travel around 370 miles on a single charge.

After research done by Ford, the results show that people are willing to shift to a cleaner world of automobiles. The main issue right now with customers is the lack of knowledge about the process of electrification. According to them, 42% of customers think that an EV requires gas to run.

You can check the whole report on the new car and its range here. The Next Avenue also covered the study by the carmaker here.

These are amazing specs for an upcoming vehicle. Do you think it will be a huge attraction on the market? Let us know!

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