Renault K-ZE Starting in China for Only $9,000

The new electric crossover vehicle by Renault surprised the public with its low price. It will start selling first in China with a starting price equivalent to $9,000.

The price, of course, creates a limitation for the vehicle, especially on its specs. The motor has a power of only 33 kW, while its battery pack 26.8 kWh.

Its top speed does not cross the mark of 65 mph, and its range on a single charge gets close to 118 miles.

Here is what the company said:

“A pioneer and leader in 100% electric mobility, Groupe Renault unveiled showcar Renault K-ZE, a new global A-segment, SUV-inspired electric vehicle, capable of 250km NEDC — the best autonomy in its segment.”

When it came to the price, Renault stated:

“In China, the City K-ZE will be available in a total of three variants, with the mid-spec option costing 66,800 yuan (US$9,389 or RM39,189), while the top-spec offering is 71,800 yuan (US$10,091 or RM42,121). For now, the EV will only be available in China, but the EV will make its way to other global markets in the future, including India.”

No more information related to release dates or any more specs, but here are some images of the car:

What are your thoughts? Would you buy a car this cheap?

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