The Best of The Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

The Best of The Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

With a crescent growth of interest in the electric automobile market, companies have been working on changing the scenario where gas-fueled vehicles are dominant on the streets. Facing the necessities to end air pollution and exploration of natural resources from the Earth, carmakers have been slowly changing the priorities of its new models in production to cleaner versions of its products. The world of cars is now electric.

Countries, especially the ones located in the northern hemisphere, are also willing to help the big carmaker companies to develop new technologies while still making the cars with reasonable prices for customers. Another measure that has been adopted is subsidies to the buyers, so prices are even lower to people intending to switch to electrification.

The Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 started this week and it was mainly dominated by electric innovation. Here, we are going to list the top 3 vehicles exhibited at the event. 

Volkswagen ID.3 

With the expectation to start its deliveries in 2020, the Volkswagen ID.3 had its production model revealed during the IAA. The car will firstly reach the European market with an approximate price of $33,000. The vehicle reached more than 20,000 reservations already. It could easily be a popular car inside the EV scenario, and also presents great specs:

As reported here on The Next Avenue, The ID.3 was revealed with 3 different types of battery packs, making the 3 different models able to travel several miles on a single charge. The first one is a basic model with a charging output of 7.2 kW (AC) and 50 kW (DC). 100 kW. The vehicle’s basic model also reaches a top speed of 160 km/h. 

Mid-range ID.3 features a battery with usable energy of 58 kWh and an electric range of up to 420 kilometers. Also, a charging output of 11 kW (AC) and 100 kW (DC). The carmaker stated “With DC charging, it is possible to recharge enough energy to cover a range of 290 kilometers within 30 minutes.”

The last model of the ID.3 is the long range-one. According to the company its “usable energy content is 77 kWh, and the electrically powered range is up to 550 kilometers as per WLTP. The battery can be charged at an AC power source with a maximum charging output of 11 kW and with up to 125 kW at a DC power source.”

 Audi AI Trail Quattro

The futuristic look of the new Audi vehicle surprised a lot of people at Frankfurt. The car built with off-road purposes looks a lot like a lunar truck, but it also presents some terrific specs and looks. 

The new EV is 13.5 ft in length and 2.15 7.05 ft wide. It has 22-inch wheels, with 850 mm (33.5 in) tires, and weighs 1,750 kilograms.

When it comes to range, The car can travel 248 to 310 miles on flat roads or even easy off-roads that do not require much from the EV. On off-roads, its main focus, the battery of the car will work more so the range reduces to 155 miles, and its top speed reaches 80 mph. 

Related to the looks, the Audi Trial Quattro shows off a clear vision of the road ahead of you, with transparent glass covering the top to the front of the car. You will also be able to look up at the sky.


The new Chinese electric was a surprise due to its structure committed to putting the car in the world. The vehicle already has 50,000 reservations, and it plans to open for more in the next year, 2020. Being constructed in China, the car will reach the market with a price to enter strictly into the competition for customers. Its price is close to $49,000.

The car has been in production for over 2 years now, and comes with two different models of battery packs: a 72 kWh and a 95 kWh. The top range seen for the car is approximately 270 miles. The motor provides a peak output of 220kW.

BYTON has received an investment of $1.5 billion to work on the EV.

What are your thoughts on our top 3? What cars are you more excited for in the next year or even at the end of 2019? Let us know in the comments!

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