Porsche Shows Off The New Taycan Acceleration on an Aircraft Carrier

The German carmaker decided to test the new electric car’s acceleration in an unexpected location, on top of an aircraft carrier. The USS Hornet.

Amid a battle for Nürburgring, Tesla and Porsche are fighting for the throne of the EV realm.

This week Porsche released the Taycan. As part of the presentation, the new car’s Nürburgring lap time was revealed. It did the 12.8 miles in 7 minutes and 42 seconds. Clinching the title for the fastest four-door, all-electric sports car record. Needless to say that Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, was not pleased and already announced that he will put the Model S through the same test.

But Porsche is not waiting, they released a video today showing the Taycan racing on top of the USS Hornet aircraft carrier. The flight deck is 869 feet long, smaller than a drag race track. The surface is not as smooth as one might think, but the Taycan excelled on the test. It achieved a 0-90mph in an incredible 10.7 seconds.

Tesla is about to face battles on all fronts. Besides Porsche, Ford and Rivian are preparing to launch their electric pickup trucks, Lotus is challenging the Roadster 2020, and BMW and Mercedes will show some new cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show to try to steal the Model 3’s thunder.

It’s an expected time to be an electric car enthusiast.


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