Pictures Revealed of Ford’s New EV

The model March E from Ford, which has a look inspired by a classic Mustang, was being tested on snow while still under camouflage. The car will come out in 2020.

The company talked about the plans with the March E and how it will perform with the vehicle in extreme conditions, such as cold and snow:

At Ford, we’ve gone to great lengths to test our electric vehicles in extreme conditions. And while it is true that you can anticipate a partial reduction in range in extreme conditions, it is not something that is going to sneak up on you. After all, do you ever notice how you can’t travel as far on a tank of gas in the winter — or in the summer if you’re blasting the air conditioning?

It is said that the car will be a competitor to the Tesla Model Y.

Check the images here:

There is also a video on Ford’s Youtube channel testing the car:

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