Ford Studies Show There’s a Long Way to Go on Educating People on Electrification

The carmaker Ford conducted a study where the results show an extreme necessity to teach people more on the electrification process of cars and other vehicles inside the market.

Following the results from Ford, numbers show that 42% of Americans believe that electric cars need to be filled up with gasoline to run. This is just the start of a bigger problem.

Also reported by the company was a reluctance of customers to choose an EV when having to face extreme temperatures. According to them, 80% of North-Americans believe that an electric car won’t work. Systems featured inside the batteries nowadays are able to keep a proper temperature to work inside a vehicle. Ted Cannis, the writer of the study, says:

“Given those impressions, it would probably come as a surprise to most Americans that the top market for electric vehicles in Europe last year was cold and mountainous Norway, with over 35,000 sales in the first half of this year. It would come as a surprise to most Europeans that hot Southern California and mile-high, snowy Denver are among the top U.S. markets for electric vehicles.”

Another contested fact by the potential customers of EVs is the capacity of a non-gas-fueled car to tow, or even haul. Ford points out that 67% of Americans are skeptical of the fact even though the carmaker itself already showed the F-150, an electric prototype, doing the job.

The issue goes even further in the depths of the study. Companies need to think of how to attract people not only to the pretty shaped models and good specs, but also showing them that a clean version of the same vehicle they use every day can be an alternative.

You can read the whole text from Medium here.

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