More Than 30,000 Reservations for the Volkswagen ID.3

The German carmaker announced that the newest electric model, the ID.3, has reached the goal target of reservations for the company. This occurring just before the start of the Frankfurt Motor Show.

One of the most anticipated popular EVs coming to the market is the VW ID.3. The car had 10,000 units reserved in the first 24 hours of its announcement. According to the company, five different countries were the concentration for most of the orders. These countries being: Germany, UK, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Norway.

Although the goal was reached, the company stated:

“People who are still interested in an ID.3 1ST or an early model in the ID.3 production series should still register with us,.Our markets are keeping waiting lists for potential purchasers. Experience indicates that there may still be some movement on the waiting list up to the deadline for binding orders. Reservations can still be placed on the portal or at Volkswagen’s IAA stand. Production of the ID.3 1ST is to start at the end of 2019, as planned. The first vehicles will be delivered in mid-2020″ says sales board member, Jürgen Stackmann.

The ID.3 comes to the market with a top speed of 112 mph, 3 different versions of the range that go from 205 to 261 miles, and the high being 342 miles.

What are your expectations on the Electric Vehicle?

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